6 Woodland (O41)
7 Palo Alto (PAO)


4-5, 8-10 Tailwheel, Citabria, Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
12, 19 Tailwheel, Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
28 Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV), Hollister (307)

MARCH 2004:

2, 5 Tailwheel, Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
8 Tailwheel sign-off, Citabria, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
10 Tailwheel, Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
15, 21 Tailwheel, Champ, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
16, 22-23 Tailwheel, Citabria, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
24, 26 IPC, CFI training, Watsonville (WVI)
29, 31 Spin training, Reid-Hillview (RHV)

APRIL 2004:

1, 2 CFI training, Watsonville (WVI)
6 Tailwheel, Citabria, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
7 CFI training, Watsonville (WVI)
12 Spin practice, Reid-Hillview (RHV)
22 CFI training, Watsonville (WVI)

MAY 2004:

4 CFI practice, Watsonville (WVI)
18 CFI training, Las Vegas, Henderson (HND)
20-23 CFI training, Henderson (HND)
24 CFI training, (HND), Kingman (IGM), Havasu (HII)
25 CFI training, (HND), Kingman (IGM), Havasu (HII)
26 CFI completed, (HND), Havasu (HII)

JUNE 2004:

5, 7 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
11 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
12, 14 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
15 familiarization PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
16 dual, familiarization PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
18 intro, dual PA38 C-150, Watsonville (WVI)
20 dual, fam., photo PA38 PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
22 photo, dual C-182 PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
23 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
24 dual PA38 DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
25 photo, scenic, dual C-182 DA20-C1 PA38 C-150, (WVI)
26 dual PA38 PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
27 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
30 dual PA28 PA38, Watsonville (WVI)

JULY 2004:

2 dual C-150, Watsonville (WVI)
8 dual PA38, DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
9 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
12 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
14 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
15 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
16 dual C-182, C-150, Watsonville (WVI)
17 dual PA38, DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
18 dual DA20-C1, C-182, Watsonville (WVI)
19 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
22 dual C-172, (WVI) to Ashland (S03) and return
23,26,28,30 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)

AUGUST 2004:

1 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
2 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
4 dual PA28,DA20-C1,C182, Ken first solo (WVI)
5 dual DA20-C1, Watsonville (WVI)
6 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
7 dual PA38,PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
8 dual scenic C182, Watsonville (WVI)
10-12, 15-17 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
18 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), (MRY)
20 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), (RHV)
21,22 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
26 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
27 dual photo C182,PA28 Watsonville (WVI), (FAT), (MCE)
28 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)


1 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS), (E16), (3O7)
2 intro/scenic PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
3,4 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
5 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
7 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), San Luis Obispo (SBP)
8 dual PA38,C150 Watsonville (WVI)
9 intro/scenic C182, Watsonville (WVI)
10 dual PA38,PA28 Watsonville (WVI)
11,12,13,15-19 dual PA38,PA28 Watsonville (WVI)
20 dual C150 Watsonville (WVI)
21-24 dual PA38 Watsonville (WVI), (1C9)
25 dual PA38,PA28 Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
26 dual PA38 Watsonville (WVI), (SNS), (OAR)
27 dual PA38 Watsonville (WVI), (E16)
28,29,30 dual PA38 Watsonville (WVI)


1 dual PA38,C172 Watsonville (WVI)
2,4 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
6 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
7,8,9 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
10 dual PA38,C172, Watsonville (WVI)
11-15 dual PA38,PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
16 dual PA38,C172, Watsonville (WVI)
18 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
20 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
21,22,23 dual PA38,PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
28 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
29 dual PA38,PA28R, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
30,31 dual PA38,C150, Watsonville (WVI)


1 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
2 dual PA38,PA28, Watsonville (WVI), Marina (OAR)
4,5 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
6 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI), Marina (OAR)
7,8 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
12 dual PA28, Boonville,MO (VER), El Reno,OK (F28)
18 dual PA28, El Reno,OK (F28), Sweetwater,TX (SWW)
19 dual PA28, Sweetwater,TX (SWW), Van Horn,TX (VHN), Lordsberg,NM (LSB), Pinal,AZ (MZJ), Casa Grand,AZ (CGZ), Bullhead,AZ (IFP)
20 dual PA28, Bullhead,AZ (IFP), Paso Robles,CA (PRB), Watsonville (WVI)
22,23,24 dual PA38,PA28, Watsonville (WVI)
25 dual C172, Watsonville (WVI)
26,27 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
28 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)


1 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
2 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
3 dual C172,PA28, (WVI), Half Moon Bay (HAF)
4 dual PA38, Watsonville (WVI), Rico solo
5 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
9 dual PA28, (WVI), Fresno (FAT), Merced (MCE)
10 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
11 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI), Jim solo
12-16 dual PA28,PA38,C172, Watsonville (WVI)
17 dual C150,PA28,PA38, (WVI), South County (E16)
18 dual C150,PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI)
19 dual PA28,PA38, Watsonville (WVI), Dylan solo
20-23 dual C150,C172,PA28,PA38, (WVI)
24 dual C172,PA38, (WVI), South County (E16)
26 dual PA28,C150, Watsonville (WVI), (SNS)
28,29,31 dual PA28, Watsonville (WVI)

Total time as of 31 DECEMBER 2004: 708.1hrs

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