October 2002: 11hrs

23 Begin lessons again at WVI
29 Hollister (3O7), first training airport other than (WVI)

November 2002: 38.8hrs

1 First Solo at WVI
4 Soft field at Frasier Lake (1C9)
6 Hollister (3O7) and South County (Q99)
11 3O7 and Q99
13 Salinas (SNS)
17 Monterey (MRY) and Salinas (SNS)
19 Monterey (MRY)
20 Dual x-country to San Luis Obispo (SBP)
27 Dual x-country to Modesto (MOD), Stockton (SCK), Los Banos (LSN)
28 Solo x-country to Paso Robles (PRB)

December 2002: 51.7hrs

11 Night dual x-country to PRB and SNS
12 Solo x-country to SBP and SNS

January 2003: 65.2hrs

24 Private Pilot flight test, PASSED
28 King City (KIC)

February 2003: 85.5hrs

6 172 checkout, 3O7 and 1C9
6 Night to KIC
9 Santa Rosa (STS)
10 Begin IFR training
14 First actual, .2 hrs
21 Fresno (FAT)

March 2003: 125.8hrs

1 King City (KIC)
2 Madera (MAE)
4 King City (KIC)
6 MAE, Chowchilla (2O6), Merced (MCE)
8 Santa Rosa (STS)
9 Chowchilla (2O6)
19 PA28-235 and HP checkout, to Castle (MER), ILS at SNS
25 Night to MER

April 2003: 157.6hrs

3 IFR x-country to MCE, MOD, SCK
6 IFR x-country to Santa Maria (SMX), Lompoc (LPC), San Luis Obispo (SBP)
7 IFR x-country to Livermore (LVK), Tracy (TCY), Oakland (OAK)
8 Columbia (O22)
15 IFR x-country to PRB
19 Chester (O05)

May 2003: 181.8hrs

1 Instrument Rating flight test, PASSED
11 Castle (MER)
13 IFR solo to MOD, MCE
14 IFR solo to MOD, MCE, .3hrs actual
17 Half Moon Bay (HAF)
19 San Jose (SJC), Palo Alto (PAO), San Carlos (SQL), OAK, LVK, Reid Hillview (RHV)
23 Chester (O05)

June 2003: 212.3hrs

12 Los Banos (LSN), South County (Q99)
13 GPS direct to Mariposa (O68) and Turlock (O15)
14 Night to Q99, MER
16 HAF, Q99
17 Calaveras (CPU)
20 Bay tour and Petaluma (O69)
23 Harris Ranch (3O8)
24 Visalia (VIS), Hanford (HJO), Reedley (O32), Fresno (FAT), Sierra Sky Park (Q60), Madera (MAE), Chowchilla (2O6)
25 Big Sir coast to Santa Maria (SMX), Oceano (L52)

July 2003: 232.1hrs

11 Cloverdale (O60), Sonoma Skypark (0Q9)
14 Marysville (MYV)
15 Marysville (MYV)
16 Visalia (VIS), night
17 Fresno (FAT), night

August 2003: 252.8hrs

7 Weed (O46), Redding (RDD), Red Bluff (RBL)
28 Reid-Hillview (RHV)

September 2003: 277.7hrs

5 San Jose night (SJC)
30 Cloverdale (O60)

October 2003: 292.4hrs

10 Commercial flight test, PASSED
26 Napa (APC)
28 Napa (APC)

November 2003: 295hrs

December 2003: 296hrs  

Total time at the end of 2003: 296hrs  

In addition to flights listed above, there are a number of local flying days, mostly training.
Times are totals at the end of that month, or current TT for the current month.
Identifier links go to the AirNav site for that airport.


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